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Since my early days, discovering wildlife in my local area has never ceased to ignite my enthusiasm.  Once given the chance to travel, the natural wonders of the wider world were so enduring that the power and attraction that is wanderlust has taken over.

I am never happier than being in the great outdoors - above or below the water - with my camera and family members, my area of choice is in the botanical world, but as with all photographers the opportunity to develop a broad interest base soon expands as the countless photographic opportunities arise. 

This site is mainly devoted to my love of photography and places that have provided the many fantastic opportunities that I have been given.

My ultimate ambition is to become a professional photographer and have the opportunity to travel and document more of the worlds wildest places and the nature contained therein.

The website will grow with my knowledge of websites!!

As Baden Powell once said - “Be prepared”

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